Aldrich's Adorable Dogs




What you take home with your new best friend.

When you purchase a puppy from me you receive the following:

  You receive all of their paper work this includes :

     a.  A copy of their shot record & any paperwork from my vet.  I use the Beebe Vet Hospital. 

     b.  A copy of their pedigree & that of their parents. 

     c.  A folder that contains information that is helpful & the paperwork to register your puppy

     d.   Please  take your new friend to your vet within 5 days.

     e.   I also send a small bag of food that I have been feeding them.  If you change their food do it

           slowly or they get an  upset tummy.

     f.  I also send home a goody bag that has some treats.  I use Dream Bone instead of rawhide.

           Rawhide splinters.