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Aldrich's Adorable Dogs and Stephs Grooming started off as a dream my wife Teri has always had. She has always had a love for miniature schnauzers and we have had miniature schnauzers since we were married in 1988.  We purchased Smokey as a puppy many years ago and my wife had wanted to breed Smokey for years so we decided to let him have a little fun and that is when Sophie came into the picture.  After the puppies were born in 2015 and her great love of the breed she decided to start Aldrich's Adorable Dogs in Ar so other people may have a chance to feel the same love for the miniature schnauzer has brought to us.

October 22,2017

We are going to have a litter of puppies any day.  This litter of puppies will be Sherlock and Sophie's first of hopefully many.

October 27th 2017

 Sophie had her litter and there are 2 male black and silver,  The rest are blake or blactk with some white.  There is only one female and she has a white patch on her chest.   



































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